GAUGE 1, 16mm SCALE, G SCALE & GAUGE 3.  01664 857805

I have given a separate page to the large scales as the approach to the modelling tends to be a bit different. I am happy to model any structures or buildings; 
I do not recommend that my models are left outside on garden lines permanently, but rather treated as rolling stock and taken out for running sessions. 
They are shower proof and being left outside for a few days in the Summer won't damage them. 

My buildings are constructed from plastic and come on a flat base for easy installation. A full interior can be modelled if required in which case the roof lifts off, 
and I can include lighting. I am happy to quote for a model of any prototype, and in the case of larger models the price includes delivery of the model to the customer.

I am also happy to build indoor layouts in any of the above scales.


mers 2

St Ives G.W.R. in Gauge 3 - I made the buildings seen in the pictures and did the scenery on the layout. 
The pictures were taken at Swindon exhibition in September 2013. 

st ives 2

The station building is five feet long! It takes two people to lift it off the layout. 

st ives 3

The buildings are lifted off when the layout is dismantled. 

st ives 4

The gradient over the viaduct is the same as on the real thing.

st ives 5 


st ives 1

st ives 2

st ives sc

St. Ives G.W.R. signal box in Gauge 3 with a fully detailed interior.


kent pub

A Kent pub in 16mm scale - it has full internal detail on two floors, and the roof lifts off.


A 16mm scale station building based on a structure at Cromford station. The clock works.


cottage 16mm

This clapboard Kent cottage has a full interior with lighting; the picture below shows the kitchen on the ground floor. The bedroom above lifts out to give access.

cottage 16mm

warehouse 16mm

A 16mm scale dockside warehouse.


A 16mm scale model of a station building from the Innisfail Tramway in Australia, built with the platform as part of the model.


The same model from track level, showing how realsitic buildings in this scale can look.


The station roof lifts off to reveal a detailed interior; this is the booking office. The newspapers correctly date from the 1930's!


On the same line is this goods transit shed; the sliding doors can be opeend or closed.


This signal box in 16mm scale is based on Tenterton; again, the interior is fully detailed.

g scale

This is the control building from Wernigerode on the Hartz Mountain narrow gauge, modelled in G Scale (1/22.5) for an indoor laoyut.

g scale

The interior of the control room is fully detailed and can be seen clearly through the large windows.